A lot of the people who see this particular blog are here because they have fallen in passion with the art of blogging and want to make it a significant part of their life.

Some of them are preparing it because they are studying for a different income stream in some challenging experiences, others are doing it because they are concerned about current issues like climate change and want to contribute to a higher public understanding.

 Starting a new blog is an exciting time that is filled with a lot of hope and enthusiasm.

 The down part is that most bloggers will lose that emotion and enthusiasm when they start to understand that results are hard to come by – traffic is low, earnings are hard to achieve, and growth just doesn’t seem to occur.

what is the danger for new bloggers?


It’s time frames.

What does that mean? And how does it change our blog’s chances of authority over the next year or two? And, more importantly, is there something we can do about it?


The timeframe of a successful blog


When you head to start a blog, you spend so much time on all the setup.

blogging lifestyle You’re busy doing things like installing WordPress on your server, building a mailing list and all the email submit forms, setting up social networking accounts, writing blog posts, etc.

while you’re doing all that you never really take time to think about how long it is going to make to see some results because you are so caught up in the thrill of just getting started.


The honest truth is that a blog is like any small market, and a lot of small companies don’t break even for at least a year, and sometimes two years.

This can be difficult for a blogger to settle because blogging does drive up a lot of time, while you are working another job, and it often takes away from the moments you usually use to relax.


Start imagining your blog as a small business, however, and things start to get a bit brighter. According to the U.S., Small Business Association about half of all new small businesses will make it to their fifth year.


While that might not seem like a high statistics at first, when you think about all the people starting businesses it is quite hopeful to believe that, in five years time, you’ll have a company that is making money

we ran a little Twitter poll to ask people about why they think blog’s fail?



Although the sample size is minimal, we think the fact that a lot of people seem to lose interest.

Maybe our expectations and time frames for how long it takes to make a blog succeed are a little off?

How do we ensure that new bloggers and our blogs don’t fail in 2018?


like to go into a small detail now about how we can make sure that our recent blogs aren’t one of those that disappear away in the next year or so.


If you follow these tips, I am quite sure that our blogs will be the kind of blogs that last the distance.


Focus on getting new/Fresh visitors

It’s critical that your blog receives a steady flow of new traffic. And the actions that we need to do to get that traffic are a lot more than just writing posts and then distributing them on Twitter or Facebook. If that’s all you’re doing for traffic acquisition, then there is a possibility you won’t last the year. Make this a great part of your overall daily activities.

Make a regular plan
with dates

Consider this one quite a lot because it is something that a lot of bloggers just ignore. Only starting a blog and seeing what works, give a week planning out the entire process from the end-result to the prototypes of content you’ll provide. That way you have some aims to hit, and you know what to work on, and the expectations will be realistic. I think this is one of the critical ways that you can avoid burning out due to the beginning stages of your blog being a little slow.

Find ways to make
your blog distinctive.

When you see at all the stats about blogs, you’ll understand that we are just a needle in a giant, growing stack. One of the influential things you can do is guess out what your blog can suggest the world that is unusual to the result. If you’re writing about a current topic, how can you make your blog stand out and be memorable? This is a necessary move to ensuring that you don’t get lost in the noise in 2018.

Network like your
life depends on it.

I can say that any success that I have had over the years has undoubtedly been due to the service of others. Whether it was users who read my ramblings or colleagues and mentors who encouraged me to come up with better plans or shared my stuff with their readers, it’s all been because of them. Take time to learn how to network in your niche by linking to big blogs in your best articles, making them know you’ve done that, and then, eventually, building a genuine relationship that might lead to shares and collaborations.

Learn how to research
smart campaigns

The last idea that I want to give you is something that is very simple but also especially effective, and that is learning how to research. People like Glen from Detailed have become very good at looking at other sites to understand how they had their victory. If you want to put your blog alive and healthy in 2018, you need to study how to investigate what is working for other people in your niche. This enables you to get new ideas and improve on what they are doing to help your readers more efficiently and build a solid reputation online.

Spend some money,

This position is something that a lot of bloggers have a problem with, and it is a real embarrassment. Imagine starting a little cafe or restaurant and not wanting to use the money on stock, rent, insurance, advertising, etc. People would think you’re crazy! But a significant portion of bloggers feels that spending money on setting up and promotion is a waste. It is a bit backward. Make sure you’re on a good host with a good theme and then start experimenting with advertising to get your blog out there. You can also think about using the money on education benefits like courses or membership sites that will serve you to new levels.


Of course, this list of tips could go on and on forever, but I feel that if you focus on a plan that has a timeline for getting new traffic and making money you will avoid the main pitfall that bloggers face when it comes to unrealistic expectations.

What risks are there for bloggers in 2018?

Of course, there are so many variables that will affect how many blogs go on to star in the new year.

For example, a lot of people are concerned about all the changes that are occurring around Net Neutrality and the point that a few regulatory settings in the USA might expect that millions of websites around the world finish up having their business model completely changed. This is something we are working to keep an eye on.


Then there is the case that the blog site that you choose as your platform might lose popularity or start to trend downwards when you had expected it to keep rising. Medium, for example, moved to a majority subscription model recently which affected a lot of bloggers. Again, while it does have its risks and challenges, it does seem that a domain name and your host is the best choice for the long term because at least it is adjustable.


The main thing that I think we should all learn, however, is that we are very fortunate to be in this business. We have such low limits to entry (we don’t need business loans and staff to get started), and we can much build a career from the rest of our own homes instead of working in factories and fields.


With that in mind, I am hopeful about the state of blogging in 2018 and feel that the current state situation and climate emergency is going to lead to a lot of people taking online to try and write about the truth, facts, and bring the logical debate back to the blogosphere.

Why do you imagine blogs fail?

Do you believe your blog will survive the year 2018? I’d love to know your thoughts about why you think the majority of blogs fail.


Please comment.