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Amazon is leaving out prices on the original Surface Book, starts at $790

If you’ve ever wanted a Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 but the prices were holding you back, then Amazon just might have a deal for you. It’s offering the original Surface Book for the low price of $790.

Samsung’s Notebook 9’s S Pen dares Google and Apple, sans batteries

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 comes with its own built-in S Pen stylus accessory, with a full 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt support, all without the need for an external battery.

The Computer History Museum will open source Apple’s Lisa OS in 2018

Apple fans will be able to tinker with the Lisa operating system in 2018, as the Computer History Museum has announced its plans to release its source code pending approval from the company.


DARPA funds unhackable computer plan to replace ‘patch-and-pray’ solutionss.’

DARPA awarded a $3.6M grant to the University of Michigan to develop an unhackable computer with morphing hardware. Project Morpheus will protect data by changing its location and destroying previous traces.

Facebook’s Introducing 4K Images in Messengern

Facebook’s giving Messenger pictures an upgrade, with users authorized to send and receive 4K photos, rolling out from this week. Facebook has stated the following “We’re making significant investments in how people communicate visually on Messenger. That’s why today, we’re excited to share that people can send and receive photos in Messenger up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image — the highest quality multiple smartphones support. We learned that people want to send and receive high-resolution photos in Messenger — and considering people send more than 17 billion photos through Messenger every month — we’re making your conversations richer, sharper, and better than ever.”

Google Rolls Out – AdWords Promotion Extensions & Custom Intent Audiences

A year ago, Google started experimenting promotion extensions in-text ads. That beta extended to the new AdWords interface this summer. Now, they are rolling out globally in all supported AdWords languages and currencies in the new AdWords interface (aka the original AdWords experience). Promotion extensions let advertisers promote specific offers in their text ads without having to create different ads. They can include a percentage off, offer period, and promotion code.


Obsessive selfie taking is now a mental disorder called ‘selfitis.’

Selfitis is now an actual mental disorder after the hoax that coined the phrase inspired researchers to dig deeper. Selfitis is often associated with low-self esteem and can be a legitimate addiction.


Instagram is still examining a share button, but there is a new live-sharing option

Regrams may only be in testing, but Instagram users can now share a live video by sending it to friends with Direct Messages. The tool also comes with the recent launch of a shortcut for posting comments.


This new social media platform wants to convert your likes into money

Selfllery is a new social media platform that gives users cryptocurrency for likes, which they can later donate, buy items with, or convert to cash. The platform generates money by selling the photos you share as stock images.



Facebook Signed a New Deal Which Will Allow Users to Include Popular Music in their Videos

Facebook has signed a new deal with Universal Music which will enable users to include favorite tracks in their videos.


Twitter’s Adding More Notification Types to Boost Experience and Engagement

Twitter’s adding more notifications and alerts to prompt further on-platform engagement.


Facebook Adds New Anti-Harassment Tools to Messengere

Facebook has added some new tools to provide more safety options for users.



Surface Pro with LTE is lastly available for order, but with caveatss

Microsoft has finally released the Surface Pro with LTE. However, as of now, it comes with some caveats, including price, available configurations, and a lack of stock online. 


executive chairman of Alphabet(Google’s parent company)-Eric Schmidt to quit

The man who helped steer Google to global success before taking the reins of its parent company, Alphabet, is stepping down as its executive chairman. Eric Schmidt said he’ll remain with the company as its technical advisor.


Helen Keller Achievement Awards-Facebook and Microsoft to receive

Facebook and Microsoft are set to receive the Helen Keller Achievement Award in 2018, honoring the two companies’ efforts to make their products and services accessible and inclusive.



Seagate speeds up data access on its hard drives, but they won’t match SSDs

Seagate wants to speed up hard drive access in the data centre with its new multi-actuator technology. These drives will have two sets of readers that rely on the same pivot point. Thus data is written in two short waves. 20-12-2017

HP Z38c ultrawide curved monitor Review

Going all-in with your PC display? HP’s 38-inch curved ultrawide is worth it. –20-12-2017

Sticky Notes get stickier with a new update squashing bugs and packing bullets

Version of Microsoft’s handy Sticky Notes app is out, squashing bugs and packing new features. The app now supports bullet-style messages, faster performance, and a unique Maps view. –20-12-2017


The latest Windows Insider update lets you travel through time — sort of

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows Insider Update today, and its headline feature is something called “Timeline,” which allows you to resume past activities with just a couple clicks. 20-12-2017

Report shows many web surfers are still using ‘123456’ as their password

SplashData provided its annual list of the 100 worst passwords in use, and reveals that 123456 and password still rank in the top spots. Overall, the top 10 have remained mostly consistent since the first report in 2011. –20-12-2017

Change your Mac’s usernames in 4 easy steps

If your Mac username incorrect or just driving you crazy? You can change it with the right steps and permissions! Here’s how to improve your username on a Mac, without messing anything up.. –20-12-2017


Instagram Experiments with Stop-Motion Camera Feature for Stories

Instagram is currently examining a new Stop-Motion camera tool for Stories that enables users to “take a long series of photos, which Instagram joins up into a GIF that you can post” on the platform. While individual pictures within the series cannot be edited with this unique tool, users do have the option to add stickers or topic before posting the finished GIF to their stories.

Amazon Adds Augmented Reality Shopping Feature to iOS App

Amazon is introducing AR View, a new feature that allows customers to use their smartphone cameras to visualise thousands of online products like furniture, toys, decor, and more in their living spaces.

Twitter Officially Expands to 280-Character Countnt:

Twitter began testing an expanded 280-character limit for select languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This week, Twitter officially rolled out this change to all languages “where cramming was an issue.” This includes all languages except Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, which will continue to have 140 characters.


Facebook Launches Facebook Local

Facebook relaunched its Events app as Facebook Local, a new, one-stop search engine to “browse all the cool stuff happening where you live or where you’re travelling to.” Facebook Local is currently available for iOS and Android but is currently limited to the U.S.

Snapchat Introduces Conversion-Tracking Snap Pixel to More Marketers

Snapchat revealed the Snap Pixel, a conversation-tracking tool that allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their vertical-video snap ads on their site traffic. Marketing Land reports that the new Snap Pixel will soon be available to all advertisers as a measurement tool for brands to track conversions and will be available for retargeting purposes “by the end of this year.” The Snap Pixel currently remains in the testing phase, but brands can contact Snapchat’s sales team to request access.

LinkedIn Considers Push Into Original Video Content:

 LinkedIn may begin creating or acquiring original video content for its platform. Comments made by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner suggest the company is open to developing original video programming for the platform. The company even identified specific career-minded shows or professional sports content that might be a fit for the network.


Facebook Blocks Ads From Pages Sharing Fake News

Listen up, advertisers! Facebook is retiring a full list of boosted post options that “are rarely used and, more importantly, are not closely tied to advertiser objectives.” Facebook notes that this update allows it to “improve and expand its most effective ad products” and “help advertisers identify solutions to help them reach their goals.”

Instagram Galleries Can Now Include Both Landscape & Portrait Images in Single Posts

Yet another kickass update from Instagram this week. Instagram stated that users can now include both landscape and portrait photos when experiencing multiple images and videos in one post. TechCrunch states that this new capability is currently running out to all Instagram users.

Google Rolls Out An Early Preview Of Arcore

How exciting! Google released a new preview of ARCore, a modern software development case for building augmented reality apps for Android devices. Developers can start testing with this new platform now.


Instagram Stories Coming To The Desktop & Mobile Web

Haven’t we always found Instagram Web to be a bit daunting? Well, Instagram is starting to roll out the ability to view Stories on the desktop. Additionally, a future rollout will allow users to create and post Stories from via the mobile web,

Facebook Allows Page Admins to Control Messenger Pop-Up Chat Prompt.

Select Facebook page admins found a new Messenger chat feature that automatically popped up when visitors accessed their pages. The option to begin or turn off this feature was spotted in Facebook’s page settings. Admins now have the option to prompt guests to “start a conversation” with the page via Messenger when it’s online or if it tends to be “very responsive to messages.” This new support can be found in the Messenger Settings menu under General Settings.

YouTube Introduces New Features to Mobile App

Youtube went ballistic with a barrage of updates. YouTube rolled out several new points to its mobile app and a new YouTube logo and YouTube icon that’s cleaner, more flexible, and better designed for a multiscreen world. YouTube also announced that the desktop redesign introduced this past May is now available to all users around the globe.


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