Two-thirds of Facebook marketers are both uncertain about whether their methods are working or don’t even believe in their systems? That’s a significant portion of marketers, and that’s because most of them are making the same mistake. Chances are you are making the same error on your Facebook page that a majority of other Facebook marketers are making. Advertising is a tremendous way to improve your Facebook Page, but then what? Getting a bunch of likes is not the answer, and only 1 out of every six people will see your Facebook Page posts. The answer is turning those fans into email subscribers. Here are seven things you need to know so you can make that happen.

Promote a free product

 This free product needs to be enticing. Also, it must only be available to the people who enter their name and email address in a form.

valuable content

Posting relevant material will allow you to spread on Facebook. By spreading on Facebook, more people will learn about you. Then, by implementing the other tactics, you will be able to get more subscribers.

a giveaway on Facebook

When you host this giveaway on Facebook, you need to make sure that the only way for a person to win the prize is by subscribing to your blog.


Discounts encourage people to buy products. Some people only buy a discounted product because they save money. Some products that people buy for a discount never get used, but buying a product at a discount makes a customer feel smart at the moment. People must be required to subscribe to your blog to take advantage of the discount.

with your fans

Engaging with your Facebook fans is the key to your success. Joining with these fans will allow you to have more extended conversations and build stronger connections. This engagement will encourage new fans to have conversations with you, and if you have good conversations with your fans, those fans will become your subscribers.

subscribers access to a private FB group page

An individual Facebook group page allows you to connect with more people, and it is a free prize worth winning. Only give your subscribers access to a private Facebook group page.

a Facebook Ad

Paid Facebook ads can be a great way to promote your e-mail newsletter, exclusive content, etc. beyond your usual contacts. It’s relatively easy to create, just spot to include a ‘Call to Action’ that directs readers of your ad to a signup-form or landing (squeeze) page where they can provide you with their best contact information.

Keep in mind that the less information you ask for (usually just a first name and email address) the higher turning you opt-in page will be.

customer testimonials


Some people subscribe to bloggers who provide valuable content. Giving customer testimonials will prove to your Facebook fans that you provide useful content. Posting recommendations will encourage more people to subscribe to your blog.

Retarget Facebook Visitors to Your Website


This is a tiny bit of an advanced tactic, but a mighty one that you should be sure to understand and master on Facebook. And that is the concept of retargeting your advertising.

You can place a tracking pixel on your website so that anyone who comes to your site can be traced; allowing you to run advertising to them when they go back to Facebook.

This repeat presentation gives you an opportunity to brand your business and drive more repeat traffic leading to more subscribers and sales.

Include a link in your About section part, in the long


You can attach links to any page you want in the long description of your Facebook page. You could add links to the primary pages of your site, plus one extra link to a landing page designed to turn Facebook visitors into email subscribers. You want to utilize that space; it’s yours. So figure some links.


Your email list is the most potent list you have


 You can promote your products and blog posts to the people on that email list. If you have 100,000 people on your email list, and a tenth of one percent of those people buy your  2,000 $ product, that’s 100 sales (and  200,000 $ more in your account).


What do you do to build your email list?